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My name is Mariandy Lennon

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Mariandy Lennon

Mariandy is a published author of Breathing Through Life and an international speaker specialising in health techniques to maintain youth and vitality. She is the founder and creator of the techniques used within her programmes. A method which she has used for years and is undeniably reflected in her own well being.

Her background includes completing her Honours degree in Communications, her keen interest in personal health stemmed from her father, who was a surgeon and hospital director, and this enthusiasm in turn leading her to take a Masters degree in Education Guidance and Counselling.


Whilst studying she joined a Zen Buddhist group where she became a vegetarian and started to experiment with yoga and breathing techniques. This introduced her into a holistic lifestyle which she had long since adopted, before it became trendy in the western world.

Mariandy ran a Holistic Health Consultancy Training Programme in Germany in the 90’s. She also finished Clinical Hypnotherapy at University College London and a Postgraduate degree in Cultural & Creative Entrepreneurship in Trinity College. In 1991 Mariandy set up a studio called ‘Shape Up,’ located in Nordstemmen , Germany teaching a combination of both western and eastern exercises similar to the principle of Callanetics, Yoga and meditation.


In 1994, Andyways Holistic Health Centre was born  offering in addition reflexology and aromatherapy as well as lessons on holistic lifestyle including  Tibetan Yoga, Qui Gong exercises to help concentrate on breathing and movement needed to enhance the chi energy (life force) in the body and promote good health. This led her to decide to publish her first book ‘The Gift of Health’. Additionally, she is currently offering her health programme in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

During  her University years, she joined a zen buddhist group where she became vegetarian and got exposed to meditation and practice of yoga type of exercises and different breathing techniques.


The Holistic Lifestyle which is now trendy was actually her daily practice during those years of intense practice with our Master. Consisted of mental exercises, meditation and yoga-like exercises meant to balance and enhance the energy system in our body. She were then conscious of the body and mind link and how to enhance health through a holistic approach.


Mariandy's program now is based on western  scientific research and her knowledge of some ancient Asian health practices. Her type of counselling or coaching  has a unique blend of wisdom from the East and advance  psychological know-as taught in the Western world. She also give individualized program based on the lifestyle and personality type of a client.

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My principles for a healthy and happy life.


For Mariandy, yoga is more than just physical postures; it's a holistic practice that unites mind, body, and spirit. Through intentional movement and breath, yoga becomes a pathway to flexibility, strength, and inner peace. It's a daily ritual that nurtures the body and calms the mind, promoting overall well-being.


Meditation is Mariandy's key to mental clarity and emotional balance. In the midst of life's demands, she retreats to a quiet space, practicing mindfulness and cultivating a deep connection with the present moment. This daily ritual allows her to navigate challenges with a calm mind, fostering resilience and a profound sense of inner peace.


Qigong is Mariandy's bridge to the ancient wisdom of Chinese energy cultivation. Through gentle movements, breath control, and focused intention, Qigong enhances the flow of life force energy (chi). It's a practice deeply rooted in promoting vitality, reducing stress, and harmonizing the body's energy system—an essential component of Mariandy's daily routine.


Mariandy views nutrition as the cornerstone of a healthy life. Her approach goes beyond diets; it's a commitment to nourishing the body with wholesome, natural foods. Embracing a plant-based diet inspired by her early days as a vegetarian, she understands the profound impact of nutrition on overall well-being. It's a mindful, balanced approach that fuels her energy and supports her vibrant lifestyle.

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